Iron-Man Late Model Series

PopBit Joins Growing List of Iron-Man Racing Series Partners in 2023


Iron-Man Late Model Series

PopBit Joins Growing List of Iron-Man Racing Series Partners in 2023

SOMERSET, KY (January 4, 2023)—Officials with the Iron-Man Racing Series which covers the Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model and Brucebilt Iron-Man Open Wheel Modified Series are pleased to announce the addition of PopBit to the growing list of 2023 partners.

PopBit, the only self-cleaning rivet drill bit, which was manufactured and created by Heltonville, Ind. native Tommy East in 2022, is the new and easy way for racers and crew members to remove pop bits. Made in the USA, the rivet remover bit has a cutting head for drilling out 3/16th’s pop rivets. The shaft of the bit has a smaller size that allows the rivet heads to be easily removed. Once the bit has been removed from the drill, drivers and crews can hold it upside down and the rivet heads will fall of the shaft. When using a standard drill bit to drill out rivets, the rivet heads collect on the shaft of the bit and can be difficult to remove. By using PopBit, this will eliminate the need for pliers to remove rivet heads and all rivet heads can be removed at the same time as they simply fall off of the shaft when the bit is turned upside down.

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